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Grrrow is a free collaborative project manager software that empowers teams to plan and develop products and businesses more efficiently. Is built to flex and evolve with the needs of your team.

Free collaborative project manager software that empowers teams to plan and develop products and businesses more efficiently

Project manager —Free software 💸

Centralized all tasks and keep entire conversations together in one page for each project. You can assign tasks, and check due dates easy in a clean timeline. No more digging through chats or emails archives.

Free project manager

Each project contains everything related to the work

Every project contain an internal knowledge base. It helps to consolidate all of your team’s knowledge in one place. 100% private and free.

Free internal knowledge base

Task manager for all-star team ⚡️

Open, click, click, open, click —no more. Grrrow offer a super fast task manager with information, attachments and team discussion in a single page.

Free task manager

Define the strategies more efficiently 🔥

Our strategic management tools helps to quickly and easily define and communicate a great idea. Grrrow is the only tool you need for make a Business Model, design a brainstorming with Ideation Canvas, create a SWOT Analysis, PEST Analysis and write a Business Plan.

Free strategy management software
Grrrow free plan for startups

Frequently Asked Questions

Get all your frequently asked questions answered to ensure a safe and clean purchase.

Why Grrrow is free?

Technology affects almost every aspect of life, from transport efficiency and safety, to access to food and healthcare, socialization and productivity. The power of the internet has enabled global communities to form and ideas and resources to be shared more easily. And we want to help this.

Does Grrrow offer support in free plan?

Oh, yes! We’re happy to support international customers in English, Español and Italiano languages. Always humans, never bots.

Do we pay extra for more people?

No. We don’t charge you based on how many users you add. This adds up to significant savings as your company grows.

Will my data be safe and private?

Your contents will remain secure and completely confidential. Our products run on a dedicated network with bank-level security and carefully monitored 24/7.

Grrrow works seamlessly wherever you are.

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